Help me pay my health insurance!

During these scary times, I’d like to be sure I can pay for my health insurance, which is about $200 a month.
Any income I would have has been thrown out the window with cons being cancelled, and my husband isn’t getting any work anymore.

Please help me out by buying some merch, getting a commission, or just sending a tip.
(And I have a Patreon if you’re a fan and want to help me even more!)

Find links and more about me at my Carrd.

I’ll draw for you! Some image examples below – find info and my queue over on Trello.
I also take pin-up NSFW commissions – contact me for info. (Keeping this PG!)

Zines on Etsy:

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Buttons on Etsy:

The buttons below are not on Etsy.

They are 1.25″ buttons – $2 each or three buttons for $5. (Feel free to request buttons I sell in sets individually as well.)
Message me on Etsy or email at with “Button Order” in the title to request.

These bird buttons below are 1″ and cost $1 each. Usually I sell them randomly at events with a button machine.