Sketches from New England – 2/2019

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Hi from Lake Champlain!
I spent a week and a half in Boston and Burlington, and of course I brought some sketchbooks along. I also was given this lovely handmade sketchbook by my ANE table neighbor, CadmiumTea, which I proceeded to cover in stickers from this trip. (I also purchased 2 more blank sketchbooks BECAUSE I HAVE A PROBLEM)

Anthro New England

Speaking of ANE, here’s what I was doing before all of the sketches in this post. Here’s most of the commissions done at the con — 2.25″ custom buttons, and collaboration drawings with my husband. The few other commissions can be seen as recent Instagram posts.

We stayed with friends during the con, and they had the most bonkers house with the coolest shit everywhere. The house really could be described as a queer socialist furry artist commune.

This was the only attempt at sketching I did while we were there, which I gave up on real quick cause I was drinking haha.

New England Aquarium

Before leaving Boston, I just needed to stop at the New England Aquarium. If I could describe anywhere where I feel bliss, it would be the aquarium.

If I get the chance to go again, hopefully it will be after my arm stamina is much better, and either alone or with someone else drawing, since I can’t help but feel bad having people wait for me haha.

That cider label is from a bottle that popped in our car from how dang cold it was in Burlington.
Definitely should practice stuff like coral more often. Great shapes.
Studies of a blue lobster and some seadragons.

ECHO, Leahy Center for Lake Champlain

This last image has stuff from both the New England Aquarium and my next sketching spot, the ECHO Center in Burlington, VT. The left page has fish and octopus studies from NEA, and the rubbing on the right is from ECHO’s dinosaur exhibit. They had cheap tissue paper there I got frustrated with real fast, but the sketchbook worked perfectly haha.

I drew the basic head shape and teeth while there, but I finished the line and color when I got back to our motel. Didn’t want to waste too much time while there, or take a chance at hurting my hand.

The dinosaur exhibit was all of these cool dinosaur animatronics, and my favorite one was just this skeleton you could control with buttons. Adorable.

Some fish I drew at ECHO. I cut out a bunch of stuff from magazines and pamphlets I picked up on our trip, but I couldn’t figure out a composition I liked with anything before taking these pics. Now I just got a bunch of cutouts of the same snowmobile floating in this sketchbook…

And last but not least, here’s some misc sketches from the week I really couldn’t fit neatly into the categories above.

On our way up to Boston, I had to stop at a Starbucks and join a video meeting for the Creative Focus Workshop.
Tried drawing some folks while waiting for our breakfast at Dempsey’s. They left before I could finish.

And that’s it for my first relaunch blog post! Hope you’ve enjoyed it. Future posts will likely be shorter, but I’m hoping to be able to share more trips like this with patrons in the future. 🙂 If you aren’t my patron yet, please consider doing so!