Figure Drawing – 1/28/20

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It’s been about a year since my first public Sketchblog post, so I figure (heh) it’s time for another example post!

After 6 months of being too lazy to get up in the morning, I finally went to the open studio figure drawing at the Art League that I’m able to go to for free as part of my residency. Current plan is to have fellow resident and friend Christophe Lima give me a ride to this class from now on so I have *some* kind of accountability hahaha.

Had fun drawing with mostly my usual figure drawing go-to: Crayola crayons haha. I really should pull out some bigger paper and try crayon on there, since I cannot be detailed with them on these large sketchbooks.

I think after over 10 years of doing figure-on-figure drawings, I finally am starting to understand thinking about rhythm and flow when it comes to placing the figures on the page. (Jeff Fisher probably would’ve yelled at me though for stopping halfway through to start on another page hahah)

Previous attempts at figure drawing on my iPad haven’t been very satisfying, since the way the program adjusts your lines for you is perfect for illustrations but irritating for studies when it takes away the intricacies in your linework. BUT I did like the two drawings I did digitally. Especially glad with the second one, since I was completely off with how small I drew her head and the arm angle was totally off, so I was able to fix it to complete the study.