My name is Sam Neukirch – I’m an artist/cartoonist/illustrator from Long Island, NY. Below are some images of recent merch and table displays of mine – click my name above to see my regular portfolio (or click here.)

At conventions I sell original art, prints, buttons, stickers, charms, zines and sometimes on-the-spot commissions.

Past conventions include:

  • BronyCon 2011-2013, 2019
  • MoCCA Fest 2015-2019
  • Eternal Con 2016-2017
  • Katsucon 2017
  • I-CON 2017
  • Flame Con 2017, 2019



  • Tiny Paws Con 2017-2019
  • DerpyCon 2017
  • Otakon 2018
  • Rhode Island Comic Con 2018
  • Anthro New England 2019


Convention Displays:

Original Merch:

(NOTE: I will not bring NSFW merch to family-friendly shows, and for cons that normally allow fan art, my table will be about half and half.)

Fan Art Merch:

(NOTE: Shows that are primarily not fan art shows (zine & art/illustration focused shows) will have no/minimal fan art, and all other shows will be about 50/50 original to fan art.)



Some examples of on-the-spot commissions I offer at shows.