• Animals, humans, monsters, furries, or anything else like that. (Minimal experience with mecha but I can try, will likely cost more.)
  • I will happily draw your OC (fursona, ponysona, Sonic OC, D&D character, whatever!) but only with reference. I will not design your OC for these prices.
  • Payment through Square (credit/debit) heavily preferred – but I will take Paypal if that’s all you got.
  • The info on this page is for non-commercial commissions. If you’re using my work for earning money in any way, that would be commercial.
  • Read my terms of service before commissioning me.
  • See my queue and more commission examples over on my Trello.
  • Ready to contact me for a commission? Fill out this Google form.

If you have any questions about anything else commission-related, feel free to email me at samneukirchcommish@gmail.com

✖Floating Head Icon – $20

Get a floating head you can use on Twitter/Facebook/whatever!

✖Silly Spouse Collab – $15

Silly small collabs done with my husband.
Price includes shipping within the US.

✖Digital Chibi Drawing

Digital chibi drawings of humans, anthro, monsters, whatever. $25 for just line, $30 for flat color.


✖2.25″ Buttons – $35

Custom character on a pinback button.
Holographic option available, just ask.
Price includes shipping in the USA.

✖Badges – $45

Custom character badges that are about 4″ by 6″. Chibi or head/bust.
Holographic option available, just ask.
Price includes shipping in the USA.

✖Full Body Line Art – $50

Full body line drawings done digitally. I’ll draw humans, furries, monsters, etc.
Mechs and complicated stuff like that will cost extra.

✖Twitch Emotes/Telegram Stickers

Emotes for Twitch affiliates/partners or stickers for Telegram!
$15 each or $40 for 3.

✖Traditional Tan Chibis – $35

Approx. 4″ x 6″ traditional commissions done on tan paper.
In addition to chibis, I’ll also draw animals/creatures/etc.
Price includes shipping in the USA, and your drawing will come with a mat and backing board like shown.