ALLI Residency Part Six

[The views expressed on this blog are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Art League.]

Halfway through the program already, wowza.

Not much this month, since admittedly the seasonal depression has hit me hard and I didn’t go to sculpture once in November. I was also busy, but mostly the cold made me ignore my alarm clock hard. And sleep until 2 pm regularly. Apparently I cannot do morning classes in the Fall/Winter.

But I did do a brush art workshop with the talented Sungsook Setton! I had a great time trying this kind of technique out, but a few hours is not even close to enough time for me to get used to it haha. I was very frustrated while doing this, and learned that I really need to learn to slow down while working. I would definitely take a full course with her though!

As always, you can follow my adventure at the Art League in my story over on Instagram.

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