ALLI Residency Part Seven

[The views expressed on this blog are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Art League]

No blog post in December since the seasonal depression continued and I didn’t go to any classes all month. But I did go to the holiday party! So here’s some pics of those to represent December:

Painting was something I really wanted to work on during this residency, so I moved on from my sculpture class and onto The Painter’s Path, run by David Peikon. I know I can paint but definitely lack confidence with it, so I’m hoping painting under supervision for a few months will raise my confidence enough to paint on my own at home. I really like David so far, and his work, so I’m looking forward to continuing his class.

One perk of being a resident artist at the Art League is the opportunity to teach a workshop in the Summer after your residency. I’m putting together plans for a zine-making workshop, which I am super excited about! (Here’s the Wikipedia page for zine if you don’t know what that means.) I bought a bunch of zine-related books to go over, have been reading essays on the topic, and going through my zine collection (and my roommate’s soon too) to share the widest range of zine styles to share with some students!

In March we are having our Artist in Residence group show in the Strolling Gallery here at the Art League, so me and the other artists are getting ready to collaborate together for it. Half of the gallery is gonna be work we did during our time here, and the other half is going to be one big canvas we’re collaborating on all month-long! To get used to working together, we’re starting to get together weekly to do smaller collaborations together. We’re also planning on making a promotional zine for it, so I’ve got my work cut out for me hahah.

One more thing! Right now I’m part of a Kickstarter for an all-girl anthology about death. There’s 20 days left to pledge (as of the time I’m writing this) if you want to support! I’m doing a four-page story about my late-mentor Jeffrey K. Fisher. I had some personal issues come up, so they kindly gave me an extension to finish my comic, which is why this example isn’t toned yet.