ALLI Residency Part Nine

[The views expressed on this blog are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Art League]

So, uhh, odd world right now, huh. There’s good reasons that this blog post is 7 months late, as everyone knows. Don’t really need to explain that.
Right before the Art League closed, we were getting ready for our group show. Unfortunately, the show was cancelled a day or two before it’s scheduled date, and my residency abruptly ended there.

I’m sad I didn’t get to finish the program as intended, but very glad I got the opportunity to connect with many fine folks through the Art League. I’m so happy to have met teachers, staff members, fellow students, and more. Most of all, I am super super glad to have met and connected with my fellow resident artists – Michael, Christophe, and Tara. I miss them all dearly and am excited to hopefully see them all in person at local art events in the future. (and a special shout out to my good pal Andrea. The program was her baby and she worked her ass off for all of us. Miss her just as much.)

It was a wonderful learning experience to work with three other creative minds to mesh out one large collaboration together. Lots of balancing back and forth between just going with the flow and stopping to decide what to pull back/forward. We were planning on doing another day or two together, but thank goodness it ended on a note I could be happy with.

The final class I was taking was a painting class with David Peikon, which I am super bummed was cut short. That mushroom painting has been sitting next to my desk for months now and I really have to get to finishing it.

Check out photos of my final month below.

Since COVID kicked off, everyone has been having a hard time, so obviously the Art League is having a hard time. They’re planning to sell their building and move to a smaller space. I haven’t been involved with what they have had going on since March, but I’m wishing them nothing for the best. Really hope this wonderful program gets to continue in the future.