ALLI Residency Part Four

[The views expressed on this blog are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Art League. Photo of resident artists from last month’s talk is by operadanielle over on Instagram. The fun animated skeletons/numbers in some of the pictures below are from GIPHY through Instagram.]

Hey all, Happy Fall! I’m back to work at the Art League this month. Between helping my mom move, taking care of my grandmother this week, and going to a family wedding last Sunday, I just want to start hibernation early. Too bad it’s not even cold yet…


Classical Figure Sculpture

Work on my armless figure continues.
Kiril didn’t know I was gonna be there our first day back, so I was stuck using this sculpture abandoned by a prior student as reference that day.
The cracks and mold give it character, that’s for sure…

Skipped one week to get my car fixed.
Discovered how useful a try square was the week after to make my box actually a perfect box.

Fearless Watercolor

Watercolor with Jan continues, and I continue to become a little more fearless each time.
That chicken’s getting framed to be shown in the Strolling Gallery at the League for October!
I’ve been spoiled by the good paper and paints Jan has us use, oh no…


After meeting Helen Murdock-Prep in Jan’s class, I was pressured (I mean this in only the most positive way) by Helen to take her brush lettering workshop last Sunday. I’m very glad I did – she’s the peppiest teacher I can ever remember having, and it was great to have someone to actually show me how to slow down and do brush lettering. I highly suggest her workshops if you’re interested in doing stuff like this.

And this month’s bonus content: a sketchbook page done at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden with Jan’s techniques kept in mind (although the cheaper paper and paint kill me now) and some flowers drawn the same day as Helen’s workshop with the Tombo Fudenosuke pen I bought from her. What a great pen!!

As always, keep up with my Instagram stories to see what I’m up to before the next blog post, and read my past blogs if you haven’t!