ALLI Residency Part Five

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Hi art pals! Not a ton to share this month, since the seasonal change has really hit me hard. Taking two workshops next month (and continuing sculpture, of course) so I’ll have more then.


Not much for classes this month, so I’ll combine them into one section.
Did a few weeks more of sculpture and FINALLY added arms – unfortunately I forgot to take more pictures. I’m starting to take that class every other week to make sure I have the hours to take it on a consistent basis and to make room to take other classes/workshops during the program.

And I finished up Jan Guarino’s watercolor class – unfortunately missed my last class since I wasn’t feeling well, but I still feel I took enough classes to get a good taste of her working style. I feel like I’m way more prepared now to try and jump into doing some watercolor on my own. The chicken painting (framed by the lovely Cherie Via Rexer) is in the Strolling Gallery for October, so check it and all of the other watercolors if you get the chance!

Personal Work

After a year of sitting next to my desk, I finally finished this painting of a ghost character of mine! She glows in the dark, too! (Unfortunately don’t have a good enough camera to capture that haha.) I started it last year with the intention of finishing in time for Muñeca Arthouse’s yearly art show, but that’s okay because I did it in time for this year. Both me and fellow resident artist Christophe Lima (and a lot of my art friends) are showing pieces at the Monster group show this month – definitely check the show out if you can make it over to Patchogue.

Otherwise, I started and failed at my yearly attempt at Inktober. Inktober is both a blessing and curse for me, since I’ve done wonderful work that’s helped me out with imaginative illustration and character design, but it also set off my chronic tendonitis a few years back. I like going with a themed prompt list, but the only one I found and liked this year was one for fan art based on one of my favorite Japanese comics, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. I got almost halfway through the list, but I might keep going in November. Why not.

Here’s a few of my favorites – you can see the rest (gore warning for my next planned one) on my Instagram – and check out some of my older ones here.

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    You are a wonderful Artist and I’m sure your are enjoying taking all the classes .more ways to explore the wonderful world and learn new Arts. I sorry I missed going to the Patchogue Showing but I will stop by there to see all the great art. All my love Mom

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