ALLI Residency Part Eight

[The views expressed on this blog are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Art League]

Lots of pictures for this month! I finished my first mushroom painting (starting a new one this week), went to open figure drawing twice, and we’ve been getting together weekly for the past month or so to collaborate together to prepare for our group show.

I have little confidence in my painting ability (compared to just drawing) and use of color (again compared to drawing), but I guess I do have it in me haha. I’m already finding an improvement in my understanding of the subtleties of colors, and somewhat understanding mixing paint a bit more. I find that one tough haha.

Figure drawing!! Figures are my drawing bread-and-butter, and I’m so happy to have finally taken advantage of the open studios I can go to for free as a resident artist. I just have a hard time getting myself out of bed to leave on time, especially in the winter, but I’m really hoping to take advantage of this for the remaining 3 months of the program.

So starting next week, we have a group art show we’re doing for the residency. One half of the show is just gonna be stuff we’ve done during our time here, but the other half is gonna be a really big canvas we’re collaborating on together for the month of March. In order to get used to working together, we’ve been having sessions where we just jam out on some paper/canvas. These here are from our second session, where we all worked on 4 pieces at the same time, and finished on the ones we started with. Mine’s that floaty orange woman.

Our third one was this canvas, and I rather like it.

And for our final practice collab, the short remainder of the canvas roll. I really like the color, rhythm and focal points on this one. Very glad we’ve had all of this time to practice together, since we’re really starting to get a flow going.

And that’s it for March! Our show opening is on the 11th, and it will be hanging until the end of April. Info on Facebook here. Hope to see some of you there!